Thursday, March 10, 2011


Just reading about Art Deco gives me Thrills. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elizabeth Marie

My Sister and her husband welcome into the world their beautiful new daught Elizabeth Marie last Tuesday (22/feb). Here are a few photos that I took for the thankyou notes.

Pretty Pink Ribbon F4.5 Exposure 1/20
Shooting: I tied a ribbon around Elizabeth's wrist to try and add some colour.

Editing: A little sharpeneding and lighteing with curve layers, as well as darkening
the eyes a little. I also created a mask over the ribbon then inverted the selection, and added
a black a white layer. Then I added a colourising layer with the same mask again, which just
smoothed the colour of the ribbon a little. I also added a second black & white layer and set
the mode to 'soft light', which makes the black richer. Though I did mask out the face area so
that the face wasn't too dark.

Thoughtful F4.5 Exposure 1/15

Orange Ribbon F4.5 Exposure 1/30

Photobucket Here's looking at you Kid! F4.5 Exposure 1/30

Full Basket
Basket Case F4.5 Exposure 4.5
Shooting: Kathryn had the brilliant idea of putting Elizabeth in a basket, she also took the body suit offf & left Elizabeth in a nappy.
Editing: This onewas a little tricky. I had to mask out the background in order to use it for the thankyou notes. It took a bit of cloning, masking, erasing to get a white background. I also added a black and white layer, setting the mode to 'soft light' to get a smooth black pillow, and masked out Elizabeth. I also lightened the image with curve layers.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was just nonchalantly watching another WheezyWaiter video when....
my wink appeared. I was super pumped. :) :D

For those of you who don't know who WheezyWaiter is I'll offer a
brief explanation. WheezyWaiter, AKA Craig Benzine, is a youtuber comedian.
He has 284,409 subscribers (taken at 4:44, 9th Feb, 2011), that's not including
the ones who just look & don't subscribe.

So, I made a short stopmotion clip for him, not expecting it to be even picked
up, as I'm sure he must get loads of these... and I was watching the video,
it was just drawing to a close, and there was my clip! wooo! At first I was like, hey... I recognize that, then I was like, wow! That's mine! I was very (quietly)
I know it's not life changing or as important as the floods/cyclones/bushfires
affecting Aus right now, nor is it important as the revolution in Egypt, or the
new telescope that can, apparently, see into our past, but it was a neat moment for
me, and I wanted to share it with you. :)

So, enjoy the video, and try check out Wheezy's other stuff, he's awesome... ;-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Album Cover Project

So, to get me back in the swing of things I made myself
do a project. I've seen these on a few peoples FB,
and today someone put up another one, so I made one too.

Below are the instructions I had to follow & actually stuck to them,
excluding the last one. ‎

1 - Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 - Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. The third picture, no matter ...............what it is, will be your album cover.
4 - Use photoshop or similar ( is a free online photo editor) to put it all together.
5 - Post it with this text in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in

this is mine, not totally happy with it, but considering I'm not dealing
with an actually customer who has a style already, It's okay.
Only took me 2 minutes too... which is why its a bit shitty. :) oops. ShiRty. ;-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I can't just blog about some lyrics, can I?

These lyrics to be precise;
I never really ment to share it chronologicly/the little things that make me, me/I never thought I'd have to quantify them day by day/I never really felt the need to take my two or three neurosis and then talk about them openly and them brutally dissect them on a tray.

From Tom Milsom's 'Why I shouldn't have let you in'; this link should take you there...

I love this set of words :) he is an amazing writer, painter, musician... I am very jealous, he's acheived so much, and he's my age. (By my age, I mean relative age, he's actually a year older, but still!!!)

instruments he plays (according to wiki)
Electric Ukulele
Gameboy (for eight-bit)
Slide whistle

: 0

I can make this blog purely about these lyrics... because its my blog.
And while I'm in some mind to do that, just to prove that I can, I've decided that unless you're in my head, (and if you are please get out!) you won't really understand why I like these lyrics so much (to be honest neither do I), so I may as well put something useful in this blog as well...

By useful I mean related, even by the smallest thread, amplified by make-believe,
to what this blog is suposed to be about.

Bellow are some pictures of the Asutralia Day Fire Works, Albany, 2011.
These aren't the greatest, but at least I had the opportunity to take them.

Both are taken with the bulb setting (where you hold the lens open yourself
instead of pre-setting it).

Thursday, January 27, 2011


So lately I've had a lot of time off, as I'm on holidays.
Unlike others with actual stuff to do in their holidays, my free time ends up being frittered away using the internet, or just playing with design stuff. My latest experiments have involved stop-motion videos, which I have previously blogged about. But my foray into the wonderful world of youtube revealed a community, of which I am still scraping the surface. I guess I've seen the popular youtubers, Vlogbrothers, Charlieissocoollike, CommunityChannel, Nerimon, KurtHugoSchnieder, and more. Essentially this world has the same as every other social structure, the popular ones lead the pack while others fill out minor roles in suporting, advising or generally 'fanning'. But the great thing about this community is the collaborations. People who would never have met, can share skills and ideas to create great things.
For example Ed Stockham at: , is an animator who worked with Charlieissocoollike to create Bread:
I was blown away with the animation, so I looked at who had created it, and
found an awkward endearing English boy (can I call him that if he's my age??) who is incredibly talented. Mr. Stockham (see, I'm making up for it ;-) ) made a video explaining how he made the animations, quite a basic, if laborious process. I was so excited I decided to blog about it. :)
As well as these collaborations between artists, there is a marketing website (I've only seen one there may be more), called DFTBA (look up the history of the name). DFTBA was started by two guys who are both youtubers (and songwriters), and they help to market the artists
on youtube, selling albums and t-shirts, and what ever else the artist decides the want to sell, excluding kindeys. This means that along the way, designers, t-shirt manufacturers, cd makers, cd package makers (excuse me for not knowing the real names of these jobs), website designers, people involved in internet stuff, and postal servicers, are employed. All because a few people met on youtube, and a few thousand others liked what they produced.
I guess the thing I like the most about the way youtube works, is that it's an even playing field. You have to be good to achieve anything, the more years and effort you put into something, the more likely you are to succeed. Yes, it helps if you know people there already, but if you keep chipping away you will achieve your goal.
The thing that suprised me the most about these communities was the way that it so basically human. People make friends through shared interests, people share information and inspiration in order to achieve greater things, people laugh about the same jokes, marvel at the same beauties, and cry about the same sorrows. Instead of isolation, these communities are creating spaces for those that may not have freinds that share their interests and those that don't or can't get out much, it connects people to people.
This connections extends to real life, with youtubers meeting in real life, either through 'gatherings' or through sharing knowledge of events that may interest others. I don't believe that these communities are causing a break down in society, just adding another dimention to it...

And if you've managed to stay through all that rambling, here's a reward:

Check out this song by Tom Milsom ^^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrabble Stop Motion Video

Another one. I shot this, this morning. It took 246 photos in total,
with a few frames repeated so that the words are readable. :)

Need some decent ideas though, this one's a bit boring.

Keyboard Stop Motion

So today was Australia day, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! :D

But during my Aus. day I made this. It's a video made from 38photos
taken with my trusty dslr. It's quite fun to do, just requires a little thinking about.

The title of the video refers to the singer I was watching at the time.
The ending of the video is meant to be the keyboard swaying to the song - but I didn't
take enough photos in order to make this apparent.

A little advice, check out Eddplant (I did post him to my fb wall), I think he's fantastic & I think you may too. :)

Shots taken @ F11 Exposure:0.7sec

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Black Book of Colours

The Black Book of Colour is a book I have fallen in love with. I found it, maybe 5 minutes ago, in my local book store, and I think it is just fantastic. It's about a blind boy who experiences colours through other senses. It explores this concept through a completely black book, with only the type in white. The pictures are line art, but raised off the page(I know there is a word for this type of print but I can't remember it & I've looked through my print book too!) The book also has brail words above the visual text. It's a fascianating and beautiful book, that I would dearly like to own, but will simply have to be added to a list. It's only $12.21 on amazon though!!! :)

Image taken from:

The thing that really got me excited about the book is a phenomena called synaesthesia, which is where a sound can have a taste, a colour can have a smell... I wrote a poem using this concept a while a go... (be kind, I was only 16)
The other thing that really interested me was the idea that these colours, though not seen, are still producing a reaction, and emotional and sensory reaction. I don't know if the 'boy' can see light and shade, or nothing at all, but it leads me to ask whether or not we actualy all see the same colours. I know it sounds mad, but I have heard it asked before, and I find this an interesting question. After all, this 'boy' has certain reactions to a colour ('Yellow tastes like mustard, but is as soft as a baby chick's feathers'), but these are conditioned reactions. He has been told that the chick's feathers are yellow, he would not know it without being told. Which leads to my mad question.
If I see yellow, do you see the same yellow as me? I have been told that the colour I see is called 'yellow', and you have been told that the colour you see is 'yellow', but is it actually the same colour. I can't see what you see... The emotional reaction is the same, but is this because of the shade and depth of the colour?
While I recognize that this mad idea is unlikely to be right, (I imagine we all see slight variations of colour, but not discernably so) it is one that has been bugging me since I have heard it.
The other minor thing I came across which made this concept surge to the fore-front of my mind, was seeing skewed colours. I was at the video store and Edward(?) St Cloud was previewing. Now I was not particularly interested in this film, and the reason I stopped to watch was because people's skin was purple. I got a little of an idea from the trailer that there was something weird and physcological going on, and I started to believe it was something to do with the colours (I really wasn't listening to what the actors were saying). I was excited it the idea that hollywood had decided to explore the idea of colour being seen in a different way that I was beginning to forgive them for using Zac Efron (jk). I was sorely dissapointed when I discovered that the colour skew was caused by the screen, not the actual film.
So now I desperately want some one to make a book, or perhaps graphic novel about this idea. It might be hard idea to express, I'll admit, but I really want to see this idea explored. (perhaps someone already has done this and I just don't know about it, if this is the case, please let me know...)

But getting back to the book, I recommend you read it/buy it. It's a kid's book, so it's in the kid's section, but I think it's also a book for adults.

Here is an overview; have a read...

Have a nice day <3 Rose

Take a good look at this one...

Right... so now it's 15 minutes to 11, and by the time i finish writing this it proably will be 11. *sigh* But I want to get this down before I forget, after all, I use this bog mostly for recording the things I do and how I grow in both photography and editing. Possibly more interesting things later on, i.e. next year, but for now, my visual work is the most important.

Let's get on with it then...

What happened to the wine? I used 6 photos for this, do you think I'm going to write out the details?!?
Shooting: The creepy arm & wine were shot outside on a very overcast afternoon, outside,
using a white board to hang the coat on and place the wine in front of. I shot three photos
one for the hand, one for the arm angle (which is out, but oh well) and one for the jacket.
I shot three photos for the scene and 'mes' for the different positions. BTW when I say
shot 'x' number of photos, I mean used 'x' number of photos, I really shot about 20 or so more
but I didn't use them because I didn;t need them or they didn't work.
All images were shot using tripod.
Editing: wow! quite a bit. So I masked in the hand first onto the creepy arm thing,
[argh! its 11, need to hurry] for that I used the pen tool to make selection & then
dropped in a quick mask. Then I had to edit out my arm, which was holding out the
sleeve, ths involved erasing (yes, erasing!) out my hand from the left side of the sleve, and
dropping coppied sections of the jacket around the hole that was formed behind the
hole until it was whole.... lame joke... Uhm, then I merged them and did a bit of cleaning up with
the cloning and band-aid tool. For the right side of the sleeve (where my arm was) I dropped in a new photo, then I masked a section of that in and fiddled with the curves layer to get the colours right. With a little cloning and band-aiding i fixed this bit up.
For the scene, I jusst masked in the other 'mes', I have covered that in another blog, i think...
Anyhow, then I dropped in the creepy arm. I cut the jacket and wine bottle (they had to be seperated, which simply involved duplicating the layer and deleting the other but. I.e. Jacket for the wine section, and wine for jacket section.) and created a masking layer. This meant that the scene could be seen (ohh, another lame joke). The creepy arm, had to be fiddled with a little, to get the jacket to look normal on the chair. Because of the lighting differences I made a photofilter layer, using another pen-created mask, so that it fitted on the jacket and wine. (I actually had to re-make these masks as I hadn't saved them in seperate layers... quite frustrating... ) To create the shadow on the wine bottle I created a curve layer, in which I darkened the image a little. I inverted the mask, so that the effect dissapeared. Then I painted in an area that I wanted as the shadow.

I think that was it. It took me quite a while, and I made plently of mistakes and I know it still doesn't look perfect... but, ahhh well. I got there... :)

I wouldd like to know, if anyone knows, where the auto ccolour adjust is in CS5, as I've been searching for a while and just can't find it. I know it's there, I've seen it in a tute!

So now it 15 past 11... I need to sleep....

Good night. :)